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Welcome to Paradise!!!!
Paradise Schools was founded in 1998 at the overwhelming request of the local community.  At the time, a local pastor began hearing repeatedly from community and church members about the need for improved schools. Shortly thereafter, he met with a team of educators and community members from which the idea of a school was born. As a result of much hard work, a K-4 Paradise Honors Elementary campus was designed. Under the sponsorship of the Higley School District and in the dust of an empty parcel of land, parents, and students who were desperate for an alternative to the local district lined up by the hundreds to join Paradise Honors Elementary. The land where they stood would house modest portable buildings upon opening its doors for students in September of 1998. However, just a few years later in 2000, a Multi-Purpose Building was constructed and the small school site would later transform into the comprehensive elementary school campus of Paradise Honors Elementary; a school that quickly became known for its love of children and excellence in education.
Paradise Honors Elementary flourished and students were offered a challenging curriculum, a safe learning environment, and nurturing and caring professional teachers and staff. Those qualities were, and remain, the cornerstone of Paradise Schools. As the years passed, enrollment multiplied and grade levels were continuously added prompting Paradise Honors Elementary and Paradise Honors Middle School to emerge.
The community again began to express a dire need for a secondary school that would carry on a safe climate and challenging academics that both the elementary and middle school offered.  As a result, just one decade later Paradise Honors High School opened. Like its preceding schools, the beginning was modest. A “4 room schoolhouse” in a rented facility would eventually give way to a comprehensive high school campus and completing Paradise Schools as a successful K-12 district.
Paradise Schools proudly serves over 2600 students and their families.  Our rich tradition of academic excellence and a positive learning environment are just two of the revered qualities of our schools. Everyone at Paradise Schools works diligently to provide a unique, enriching and rewarding learning experience for all of our students. We thank you for joining us at Paradise Schools and look forward to serving you and your family!



Time: 5 PM
Location: Neighborhood
Every student, Every day, Prepared to meet life’s challenges.

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